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So yes. Am seriously struggling with assignment. Woe. Prayer would be highly muchly hugely appreciated. The tutorial helped a little, but we'll see when I go to write it. Meh.

Weekend was good; spent yesterday at Church then off to the Gold Coast to see my brother play basketball. They won, but he didn't play all that well, so he's slightly grumpy about that, but they're in the finals, so he's happy. Had a Yatala Pie on the way home (YUM), and then had All Leaders meeting, which was good. I think that might be why I'm so tired; we didn't really stop and relax at all yesterday. Hmmm. Husband is feeling a little flat himself, so that's probably why.

I'm hot. It's about 23 degrees (celcius) in here (work), if that, and I'm hot. Meh.

On the upside, I had a nice curry for lunch. And for a nice price, so I'm happy.

And another upside - girl who has been giving me a lot of grief since she started may be leaving as she has another job. She can't decide whether or not to take it (the pay rate is less, but it's more hours, and it's more in the line of work she wants to end up in)...I hope she takes it, but something in her attitude says she may not. I'm going to pray that things work out the way God has planned. Fence-sitting is always a good way of being; and besides, God knows best.

I have to work till 7pm and I DON'T WANT TO. I want to GO HOME. It's not fair. I will now sulk like a 3 year old. *sulks* Stupid work. I want to WORK ON MY ASSIGNMENT.


Ok, so I *totally* get my assignment now.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
849 / 2,000

I officially hate this assignment. Woe.
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I've decided that starting my assignment for this subject is almost a waste of time until I hear the lecture tomorrow. I have books already because I know the subject, but when the teacher may serve you the main points of your essay, it's worth waiting 24 hours. In my opinion. We'll see, anyway.

I'm going to wander off to work and catch up on the oooodles I didn't get done from yesterday which is actually from Tuesday. Le sigh.

My eyes sting.

I don't know why I'm so tired...I've been getting up at 7-8am most mornings, and going to bed at 10pm, which is better than the 5:30am-9:30/10pm ritual that is my usual week. Odd. Anyways. Back to normal next week!

I get the car tomorrow. YAY!


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