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Well, whoever it was handed the video in early yesterday, so that was great. I didn't get through it all so I'm going to head back this evening after work. It's been really good - he's actually explaining the terms and giving us the definitions and stuff. Amazing. We may actually be able to do our assignments. FREAK OUT.

I was only supposed to work until 1pm, but one of the girls is sick, so I'm staying till 5pm. I don't really want to; I'm tired and I just want to go to Uni and do what I have to do and show my tutor my thing and go home. *sigh* No one else can stay, though, so it's up to me. The money will be nice anyway.

Car is fixed! Yay! And all nice and clean and pretty! YAY!

*eyes clock* Back to work already. Woe.

Um, will update more later when my brain doesn't feel like it's in a blender.

car woes

Mar. 30th, 2006 08:53 pm
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Took the car to the Assessor's Shop today - basically, you get a quote from the Insurance company's certified repairers, give it the them, they have a look at your car and say whether the quote is accurate or not, and then give you the ok or whatever. They did the 'looking at the car and giving the ok' bit today, and it all went fairly well, until he realised that the front had actually pushed the radiator back a bit. He couldn't tell for sure how far back because he couldn't take the bumper off, but it was definitely back. There's no damage to the radiator itself, probably just the frame, but the whole process of taking out and stuff makes it just that little bit more expensive. Not my problem, but it also means more time in the shop. Woe.

Our major predicament is that it's going to take seven working days to fix it. We can't really do without our car for seven working days. We could always hire a car cheaply, or just move things around a little, but it's still going to be pretty inconvenient. Le sigh. Must pray.
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The due date for my Education Assignment has been moved from this Friday to Monday week because the tutors caved. HA. Apparently our tute group is tame; the other class just outright refused to do one part of the assignment because it's too confusing. So they changed it. Then they begged for another week; she gave them 10 days. They've done an entirely new criteria sheet; it's a whole page now, not just half a page. I think the real problem was that we just didn't know what to do; what to say, how to write it, etc. The new critera sheet is good; explains it more, so I'm happy. I've done most of the stuff in there, so hopefully they'll be happy. We can send drafts, so I might do that.

I think part of the reason is that the lecturer is away, and he's put them in control...possibly not the best move, but still. Gives me time to work on my History assignment (which is still due Friday). Whoo.

Am so glad I have a day off tomorrow. Whoof. I cannot wait to SLEEP IN. Am feeling a little drained.

Have to take the car to the assessor's tomorrow afternoon, which should be a load of fun. I doubt it'll get done before May or so, which is fine because our driving isn't affected by it.

Am going to sit back, play games and listen to Sunday's teaching again. It's very awesome.


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