Mar. 6th, 2007 02:15 pm
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Bored. Upstairs with a specialist have to do absolutely nothing for except occasionally fax or photocopy something. Which is nice.

The aircon is making me sleepy.

It is far too hot and muggy. It's supposed to be AUTUMN. Grr.


We're having dinner tonight at homegroup because a few people are back from holidays. It's a smart move really because we'll all just want to talk anyway. Plus my homegroup cooks the *best* food eva. YUMM. No Maccas for me tonight! Whee!

I feel like doing Uni work. This is frustrating, since I'm supposed to be working. *sigh*

I hate the fact that I'm paying HECS* yet I'm not even working in the profession I'm studying for. *grumps*

* HECS is the scheme where the Government pays for you to go to Uni and you pay them back. It rocketh muchly cause it means that any Australian citizen can go to Uni essentially for free. Until they earn a certain amount of money.


Sep. 7th, 2006 11:07 am
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What a week. So busy. Meh.

I've just realised my education assignment is due in TWO WEEKS, and I haven't even started. Freak out. I have to interview a friend, and then write a report complete with references. It's only 1200 words, but still. Meh. I'll have to get the interview questions finished on Saturday, and hopefully do the interview Sunday after church. Hmmm.

Basically, I have a lot of work to do in a short space of time. Yay.

Church camp is next weekend; looks like I'll be spending part of Saturday afternoon studying.

*sigh* I cannot wait until this is ALL OVER.
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This morning was great. Love.

I *really* need a new Lj layout.

Yes, I'm procrastinating again.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
349 / 2,500

Which means I have 7 days to write the other 86%. Dammit. On the upside, I found the map I wanted. I had to resize and crop it (it's HUGE), but it should do. Now to write more on my assignment.

Yes. Write more. Not sleep. Write.
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Food for today:
- 1 piece of toast with vegemite
- a couple of litte cupcakes @ church
- a wrap + chips from Oporto
- baked fish + a few chips

I think I may invest in some icecream. Bad, I know, but it's Sunday. *g*

I swear, our suburb is the place to be. Not only do we live here; my parents are moving in, and friends of ours who just got married are moving a couple of blocks away! I'm really excited - J, the husband, has lived here with his sisters for a few years, and has just finished his education degree. Their parents are living in Alice Springs teaching Aboriginal children - they've just come back from running a church in India for years. The kids all grew up in India, but they're all out here now doing Uni - the oldest is in Adelaide, then there's J, his sister who's at Uni with me (same age as me) and the twins who are 18. J got married to K, who's lived in Melbourne for a few years now (I think they went to school together in India) and so they've moved here. K has visited on and off for years - just weekends, holidays and stuff, but we've never really spent time talking or anything, so I don't know her that well, but she's asked me a few things about the area - shopping, etc - so I'll probably show her around. Exciting! Other friends of ours live a few suburbs away, so it should be awesome. YAY.

My husband just picked me up and held me upside down by my legs. Yup, that's what being married is about.
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The due date for my Education Assignment has been moved from this Friday to Monday week because the tutors caved. HA. Apparently our tute group is tame; the other class just outright refused to do one part of the assignment because it's too confusing. So they changed it. Then they begged for another week; she gave them 10 days. They've done an entirely new criteria sheet; it's a whole page now, not just half a page. I think the real problem was that we just didn't know what to do; what to say, how to write it, etc. The new critera sheet is good; explains it more, so I'm happy. I've done most of the stuff in there, so hopefully they'll be happy. We can send drafts, so I might do that.

I think part of the reason is that the lecturer is away, and he's put them in control...possibly not the best move, but still. Gives me time to work on my History assignment (which is still due Friday). Whoo.

Am so glad I have a day off tomorrow. Whoof. I cannot wait to SLEEP IN. Am feeling a little drained.

Have to take the car to the assessor's tomorrow afternoon, which should be a load of fun. I doubt it'll get done before May or so, which is fine because our driving isn't affected by it.

Am going to sit back, play games and listen to Sunday's teaching again. It's very awesome.


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