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Food for today:
- 1 piece of toast with vegemite
- a couple of litte cupcakes @ church
- a wrap + chips from Oporto
- baked fish + a few chips

I think I may invest in some icecream. Bad, I know, but it's Sunday. *g*

I swear, our suburb is the place to be. Not only do we live here; my parents are moving in, and friends of ours who just got married are moving a couple of blocks away! I'm really excited - J, the husband, has lived here with his sisters for a few years, and has just finished his education degree. Their parents are living in Alice Springs teaching Aboriginal children - they've just come back from running a church in India for years. The kids all grew up in India, but they're all out here now doing Uni - the oldest is in Adelaide, then there's J, his sister who's at Uni with me (same age as me) and the twins who are 18. J got married to K, who's lived in Melbourne for a few years now (I think they went to school together in India) and so they've moved here. K has visited on and off for years - just weekends, holidays and stuff, but we've never really spent time talking or anything, so I don't know her that well, but she's asked me a few things about the area - shopping, etc - so I'll probably show her around. Exciting! Other friends of ours live a few suburbs away, so it should be awesome. YAY.

My husband just picked me up and held me upside down by my legs. Yup, that's what being married is about.
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Oh, I forgot to mention. I have lost 3 or 4 kilos in the last month or two. I think it's just stress mostly, but I'm sure eating less is helping. YAY. Only 6 to go till I hit goal weight.

Food for today:
- small bowl of cereal
- eggs, bacon, sausage, 1/2 tomato, raisin toast (brunch with parents & brother - how could I say no?)
- apple
- small bowl of potato chips (I caved)
- two small chocolate eggs (again, I caved)

So, pretty bad, but at least I didn't actually eat *much*. Yay.

Bought Johnsons&Johnsons baby shampoo today, because apparently it's good for your hair - neutral pH and stuff. I'm going to spend a little more on shampoo and conditioner from now on. Most people have said that's probably the problem, so we'll see how that goes.


Apr. 28th, 2006 09:26 am
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I bought pretty shoes the other day. They're pointy-toe slips covered in sequins and beads. SO PRETTY. I love shoes. They're so not weight discriminatory. You can be 100kg and still look great in pretty shoes.

Am working on tute presentation. In reality, this should take me all of 2 minutes cause I'm basically regurgitating what he said in the lecture, but I just haven't been able to focus. Maybe when I've finished answering emails I'll focus. Nothing left to distract me.

What is up with my face? I have about 7-8 tiny red lumps on my right cheek AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. They started yesterday, but there are more of them today. They look like pimples, but there is no reason for me to get them, and I never used to get them on my cheek, and never this many at once. I think I'll cease with the sugar for a few days and see what happens (not that I really eat alot...). Lots of fruit and water. Looks like I'll be wearing make-up to work. Joy.

No word on the house for the parents. I want to know, dammit!

Food for yesterday:
- cereal
- bacon & egg sandwich (I was SO hungry at 10am after having breakfast at 6am)
- beef goulash & rice
- icecream

Not toooo bad. Could be much worse, but also could be much better. No vegies in there...

so far...

Apr. 24th, 2006 07:43 pm
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Food for today:
- 1 slice raisin toast for breakfast
- ham sandwich
- apple (green)
- sausage roll
- piece of fish (+ a few hot chips) + salad

Not too bad, considering I had breakfast at about 8am, and didn't eat again until 12, and am only having dinner at 8pm. Sausage roll probably was a little excessive, but there's not alot open food-wise at 5pm in the city, surprisingly. It was that or a Picnic bar. Tough decision.

I had *intense* cravings for KFC chicken this afternoon. So annoying.

Yup, good start. Lots of wheat, and about 4 meals. Hmm.

The two people I ended up mentioning it to both made smart remarks about my non-fat-ness. I KNOW I'M NOT FAT. I'm just not happy with my weight, and my goal weight is COMPLETELY HEALTHY. Just so y'all know.


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