mebfeath: (wickham is totally not awesome) here's an update.

Uni is over for the semester. YAYZ. Results out 4th July. Which is in a week. OOH. I want to know what I got for ancient history. Oh, and media studies. Considering I never got a piece of assessment back the whole semester. Awesome.

I am currently organising data input for my boss's cervical cancer prevention scheme in Vanuatu. Boring, but interesting. Don't ask me how that works. And don't ask how I managed to get roped into it, either.

Am recovering from sinus infection slowly. Feeling generally better, but sinuses are still giving me headaches, so they're obviously not.

Work is busy, as usual. No change there.

My husband is well. No change there either!

Umm...other than that, there's not a lot, really. Other than the usual catching up with family and friends. And each other. I feel like I haven't seen my husband in months. Not cool.

So yes. The end.
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We spent it in typical aussie style - Barbecueing.

Breakfast BBQ at parents-in-law's place with both families and some friends. We then headed off to a friend's place to do some more BBQing. Just got home.

I'm so over the whole hot-weather thing. Meh.
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Well, the moving has begun. I have decided that I want the house. It's so beautiful; wooden floors, 10ft ceilings, lovely windows and rooms...but as well as that, it's just been really *loved*. It's in beautiful condition, considering that it's about the same age as our house (pre-war). It's been freshly painting, it's clean and tidy, the kitchen is lovely and new-ish. Love!

Am sick of this assignment. I've kinda finished it (as in I've met the 600-900 word limit) but I could probably do a little more. Meh.

Today was ok. I'd had enough by the end. I'm tired; it's been a long and stressful week. But I will go to bed early, and get up at about 8am. Whee! Sleep-in!

I think I'm going to download the Dandy Warhols - We Used to be Friends. It's been playing in my head for three days straight.

ETA - Add to that Forever Young by Youth Group. Love.
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I have spent all morning and afternoon so far CLEANING. ZOMG the house is SO CLEAN. Tragically, however, the house is still a little messy and untidy, so I feel like I have accomplished nothing. Le sigh. I will tidy, and then it will be all good.

And I would just like to add that my husband is LAZY. Ok, so not really. He works very hard. ...Anyway.

GRR. I baked a cake, but now I don't think I have enough icing sugar to make the icing. So frustrating.

It feels like a Saturday.
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Just spent 5 mins with an academic advisor making sure I've on my way to fulfilling the Education side of my degree - making sure I've done the right Educations Courses, enough of the right subjects in English & History, etc. I've managed to do really well so far, so she's happy, but the down side is I've done too many first-year English subjects, and have to do one extra to make up. (You can do a maximum of 3, and I've done 4) It just means doing 3 subjects a semester for the next 3 semesters, which is what I'd planned anyway. Am not going to do a [ profile] stars_like_dust, which is greatly pleasing. *g*

Some of [ profile] iainc's family are here from Canada, so we're going to see them tonight after prayer meeting. I've never met them, and Iain last saw them when he was around 7 or so. They're a little older than us, and they have a baby daughter who apparently is teh cuteness, so should be fun.

As of 3:50pm this afternoon, I am officially on MID-SEMESTER BREAK YAY. FOUR DAY WEEKEND YAY. [ profile] iainc and I have some serious married-couple time to catch up on. But it means I have to do my media studies assignment which is due in under 2 weeks. Bleh. But at least I've started it, and have a fairly good idea what I'm doing. This is fantastic, as my lecturer/tutor is going to be spending most of his time writing a book in the break instead of answering his students' frantic pleas for help. YAY.

Am going to go home after my tute and SLEEP or I will be a zombie tonight, which isn't really advantageous when meeting new family members for the first time. But first, I have 45 40 minutes to kill.


Mar. 22nd, 2006 11:31 am
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Am off to lecture.

Still have to tidy up Discourse assignment; proof-read fix up the diagram, but other than that, I think I've achieved as much as I'm going to.

Played with History assignment, but am going to take that to discuss with him cause I can't find books and he says there are lots. Woe. That, and two hundred words for an outline of an assignment that's 2500 words? Huh. Yeah, right. Nice try, Professor.

Had a nice chat with Ky, had a nice chat with Mum via email. Am happy.

So yes. Off to print off lecture notes and outline, then am off to lecture.


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