May. 18th, 2009 01:03 pm
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Yes, that's right. Grumpy.

I am on a diet. A ridiculous diet. This diet involves no wheat, no sugar and no yeast. And considering dairy products are already a touchy subject, very few of those.

What does this leave me to eat, I hear you ask. Well, very little.

- Vegies (limited potatoes)
- Salad (no dressing)
- Meat (including chicken and fish)
- Nuts (no pistachios or hazelnuts)
- .....

Yes, that's about it. It's quite ridiculous.


I am actually beginning to possibly feel sorry for my classes over the next two months. I'm probably going to have slightly less grace than I normally do...

Off to assembly I go.
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Despite sleeping from 4:30pm to 8:30pm, and then going back to bed at 10:30pm and sleeping till 6:30pm, I am still tired.

Yup, definitely sick. Yay for doctor's appointment this afternoon.

I am so incredibly over this. I cannot do it justice on LJ.

*falls over*

*runs off to Year 9 class*
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And I have a headache.

That is all.
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Well, at least until March 3, when I have an appointment to check everything's ok and have the splints taken out.

Yes, splints.

Basically... Cut for TMI... )

Other than that, getting better. I have finally achieved the awesomeness of being able to breathe through both nostrils (for all of two minutes) and the amazing disgustingness of sinus wash. EWW.

Nose is very blocked (I'm pretty sure the big plastic splints aren't helping), and is still running like a tap. Which means I can't yell very well (which I found out today with my Year 9s. Excellent.) and have trouble talking for long periods of time (a sentence is pushing it).

Can't smile. Top lip still not functioning properly, which is rather irritating, because I like laughing and smiling, and tend to do it quite a bit.

Ended up ditching work today early. I really over-did it thinking I could survive. Managed to teach one class then packed up off to the doctor who gave me some nice stuff to make my stomach feel better (it's traumatised, I think).

Have been told to have tomorrow off as well. So I'll be having tomorrow off. Everyone at school was just so lovely, really. They all took one look at me and asked me what the hell I was doing there. Several of them even offered to drive me to the doctor and home if I needed. So lovely.

So yes. Lots of joy and laughter over here...


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:46 am
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I have to leave school early to go to a Pre-Admission Clinic for my operation.


I really could have used the time today to finish planning and meeting with people and planning and sorting out timetables and planning. Gah.

I promise I will do a decent post on school soon. It's been fantastic so far though - I'm totally stoked to be here. Everyone's been awesome and friendly and wonderful.

So yes. Must leave in 30 minutes, and I still have to sit down with a colleague and plan Year 9 English for this term. Spectacular.

In other related news, I'm finding it easier to update Twitter than to write a whole journal post for the moment. Does anyone know how to get LJ to post on my journal what I post on Twitter? (I know it has something to do with RSS and feeds and stuff, but the help files were wholly unhelpful.)
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Dear body,

I do not appreciate cold sores.

I realise you haven't slept well over the last couple of nights, and that you were doing your best to stop a sinus infection from setting in, however, this does not give you license to allow a cold sore to appear.

I don't care that it's in a new spot on my lip. The right hand side of my top lip is just as bad as the left hand side of my bottom lip. Anywhere in general is bad. Very bad. And the fact that it's small doesn't mean it's ok, or that it won't get bigger later.

I have a very important week coming up and I need you to make it go away. Now.

Very little love,

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I have just emailed off my essay. Bibliography to follow tomorrow (long story) and then I just have to wait for the official verdict.

He had better give me a pass.

I'm feeling alot better today, which is good. Nose has stopped running, lung have stopped trying to leave my body, and even the headache is almost gone. I am sore all over from coughing, but that's to be expected. I'm pretty stoked at how quickly I've gotten better; usually these things drag on for weeks with me. Yay! God rocks!

Mmm...lunch...then a snooze, I think.


Jul. 29th, 2007 05:19 pm
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I'm sick again. Well, I'm getting better now. But still feel like crap. It's the usual; sinus, coughing, achy-sore muscles, swinging between shivering and sweating like crazy. Not cool. I hate it so.

No work tomorrow for me. I'm bummed because it was a long shift, and I feel bad, but I did tell them I was sick on Friday. And nobody cared. So, tough.

I must not be bitter. *sighs* I'm just feeling a bit used and abused, that's all. I'll get over it.

Essay is almost done; I'll finish it tomorrow. I did most of it yesterday, which was good - all I have to do now is finish one small section, do the intro and conclusion and references. I just don't feel up to it today.

*yawn* Time for a snooze, I think. If I can get warm enough.
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I spent a couple of hours last night at the Emergency Dept of the Royal Brisbane and a medical centre down the road.

I now have 4 stitches in my left hand, between my index (pointer) finger and middle finger. *sighs*

I was very stupidly cutting an avocado for a salad last night, and I slipped. It was quite convenient that my family and father-in-law were all there for a BBQ, so my father-in-law and Iain took me to the Royal and then on to the medical centre because there was going to be a few hours' wait at the hospital.

It's quite long and deep. The guy who did it did quite a good job; he initially thought it would only be one or two, but then he got sewing, and realised just how long it was.

It's very annoying and frustrating though; I can't use it at all and it hurts and my two fingers are swollen. My hand is all bandaged up.

The stitches come out next Wednesday. And I'm flying to Sydney tomorrow; come home Sunday. I can't even do my own hair!


Jun. 18th, 2007 04:36 pm
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I feel like crap.

Yes, I am sick. Again. I have my usual sinusy-sore throat-achy thing. This time, I have a fever. How exciting! *sniffle*

I am hoping I get over this super-fast because I have an exam on Saturday and I would like to actually study before it. Unfortunately, I cannot wing this one. I simply do not know enough to pass. Tragically.

Work today has been a bit of a trial, but ok. I have anti-biotics which hopefully should work. I'm having tomorrow off, which is wonderful because I have this stupid Vanuatu stuff to get done aswell.

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I still feel sick. What is with this? I AM SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING BETTER, DAMMIT. It's probably not helping that the pollen count is in the bazillions today. *sigh*

I've even taken a whole day off Uni to get better. I'd better be awesome by tomorrow, or I will be grumpy. A WHOLE DAY devoted to getting better. And doing my essay, but still. One entire day. Well, with the exception of tonight - we're visiting Iain's parents for dinner cause Gran is up. But still. That's alot of time I could be doing other things. Like...uni.

The English essay is slowing beginning to make more sense as I research more. Which is lovely. However, I cannot guarantee that the final product will make much sense. Oh well; my aim is to pass. I have reached the point where I do not care; I would like a 5, however, if I pass, I will be happy.

Oh, and we managed to blow up another monitor. Do not ask me how, considering the box is fine, and the two aren't even connected. *sighs* So this time we're buying a new one rather than using the old box-type ones. Let's see how long this one lasts.

I think I have a fever. Still.


Apr. 16th, 2007 11:07 am
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I'm sick. The first time this year. Dammit. I suppose it's good I'm sick now as opposed to in 2 weeks time. But still. Ick.

It's just the usual sinus stuff - I didn't really get enough sleep over the weekend, and my sinuses have been horrible the last week or so, so I should have seen it coming. I didn't feel all that great yesterday evening, so I guess that was my hint.

I'm going to try and take Wednesday off. I only have media studies lecture and tute, and an ancient history lecture. I'm not going to bother with the media studies stuff - it's useless. I'll just get the notes off the net and read the readings. I'll come in for ancient history though. We have a new lecturer for the second half of the semester, so I want to be around for that. I can't really take tomorrow off because I'm working with one of the specialists all day. I'll just sit upstairs and drink hot tea and suck vicks. I don't really have to do anything other than whatever he tells me, which isn't much. I should probably do some scanning or something...ah, I'll sort it out tomorrow. But yay for specialists.

I finished the media studies bibliography thing yesterday. YAY. I just have to hand it in now. I need to do that today otherwise I'll have to be here before 10am on Wednesday, which is what I don't want to do. Must remember.

All I have to do now is English. Yay.
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You know you're not 100% when the dimmed lighting in your lecture theatre is too bright. *squints*

I need some sunglasses. Too bright.
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I have sinus. As in nose-running, eyes-watering, head-swimming, generally-ickness sinus.


I have my history exam this afternoon, *and* the media studies oral today. Of all the days to get this, it just HAD to be today. *kicks body*

I've taken some of the strongest anti-histamines you can buy, am sucking on Vicks Vapodrops (for the nose and throat) but I still feel meh.

I've emailed my lecturer letting her know what's going on, and asking what would happen if I didn't turn up. Unless I feel significantly worse, I'm going to go anyway. I'm hoping once the anti-histamine kicks in, I should be ok. And I have Advil for the headache.

Feel free to pray that I get better miraculously.

I must go and study now.

ETA - My lecture just got back to me. That was quick. She's had to set another exam for 2 weeks time anyway, so at least I have that option. She said I should see how I feel, which is what I'll do. I'm still planning on going at this stage.
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So Iain goes to the dentist where one of his mates goes, and the dude states the obvious - the wisdom teeth must go. The pain combined with them pushing other teeth out of place was enough for out brain cells to figure that out. However, he refers him to an oral surgeon because he doesn't want to attempt to take them out.

My dentist at another practice says he'll take mine out cause they're through and groovy - they're also just sore and pushing my teeth together. I mention Iain's seeing someone else, and he says that if that guy says he won't do it, to get Iain to drop his XRays in and he'll take a look and let him know if he can do them. Apparently, the majority of dentists don't want to do the wisdom teeth removal thing cause they don't like it for various reasons, thus they refer you on to a very expensive (read = thousands of dollars) oral surgeon, when you really don't need it.

So this guy calls, says he needs to have a squiz in Iain's mouth and they'll chat. Iain goes today, and the verdict is - the top two are easy to take out, no problem. They're through and all is good. The bottom two, however, aren't through fully, and he wants to wait until they're done pushing. Removing the top two will often give the bottom two enough room to make it all the way.

So. Instead of costing us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, it is going to cost $415. And mine are going to cost the same, except I have to have all four out in two goes, so $830. But I get $300 back from my health fund, thus only costing $530. And then Iain has time to join a health fund and wait the 2 month waiting period and have his done.

*dances* Isn't my God good? HE IS SO GOOD TO US.
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Our car is in the service centre getting a couple of minor things fixed; stuff they had to order parts in for when we had it serviced a few months back. However, it is going to take longer than the original 'couple of hours' to fix. So instead of hanging around at a local shopping centre, I called my mother-in-law who came and got me and brought me home via the husband's shop. So now I have to wait. They said around 1:30pm (and I got there at 9:30am!), so I'm hoping it's not any later than that because I still have to go and have an OPG Xray (teeth) and do a bit of shopping. It's a little difficult to go places if you don't have a car.

I have matching coldsores again. Woe. They arrived between the hours of 6am and 7am on Sunday morning. I'm putting it down to a big week last week and not sleeping that well that night. *grumps*


And while I wait, I shall do a meme... )


Aug. 23rd, 2006 08:58 pm
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Dammit, I'm tired. *puts eyes back in head* And I ache and pain. Must take panadol before going to bed.

Ok, so all written assessment for Friday finished. I must print on Friday and hand in. Must not forget.

GRUMPY. My pretty Macbook, which I was going to order tomorrow morning has gone from shipping in 24 hours to shipping in 9-11 business days. WHY? I am going to call and speak to a human to find out why. Am not happy. The only reason I'm ordering it online is because it's the only way to get the Education discount (which works out to be around $800 when all totalled). I am hoping it is a technical error. This is possibly not a good start to our relationship.

My eye was doing weird things earlier, but it seems to have corrected itself. This is worrying.

TIRED. GRUMPY. Going to bed.


Jul. 28th, 2006 10:00 am
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It is seriously raining here. Dude.

Yay! Rain! Water!

In other news, my finger is getting better. It's not as red as yesterday, and it doesn't hurt as much. I kept bumping it at work yesterday and within about half an hour it was aching something chronic, so the nurse, R, put this most awesomest ever cream on it and bandaged it up. Drove me nuts all afternoon, but I could use it without yelping attractively. Oh, but the spelling mistakes! And the slowness of typing! And the ineligibleness of the writing! I didn't realise how much I valued the use of my right pointer finger. *hugs finger*

Seriously. Raining.
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Ok am bored.

Tute presentation went well, which is pleasing. THEY PICKED ON ME OMG. SO NOT FAIR. I guess that's cause I actually posed an argument, as opposed to the other girl (who is so incredibly Zimbabwean it's not funny) who just kinda stated facts. But I got almost all the questions, which was ok cause I could answer them, but whoof. I ended up leaving most of the questions that weren't specifically directed at me (as in 'HEATHER. You said blahblahblah...'), and most of the general discussion to her cause no one really asked her anything. Well, you couldn't really considering everything she said was fact, and we knew it from the lecture.

I have a sore throat. Again. I think it comes from so much talking, and the cold weather. I had one last night by the time I got home at 10pm, so I should probably watch it.

But now I have about an hour to kill, and piracy in Southeast Asia just isn't that appealing. Shockingly enough. I suppose I should work on my commentary (on the presentation), but I doubt my brain is going to let me.

Ooh, look, shiney.....

I really need to upload my VMars icons. Such pretty. I never think that I have 32* free icon spaces, and as such I only use about 10. Whoops.

* Yup, I was wrong. 42. I dig this whole been-a-paid-user-forever-so-we-give-you-free-userpics thing.
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Oh, I forgot to mention. I have lost 3 or 4 kilos in the last month or two. I think it's just stress mostly, but I'm sure eating less is helping. YAY. Only 6 to go till I hit goal weight.

Food for today:
- small bowl of cereal
- eggs, bacon, sausage, 1/2 tomato, raisin toast (brunch with parents & brother - how could I say no?)
- apple
- small bowl of potato chips (I caved)
- two small chocolate eggs (again, I caved)

So, pretty bad, but at least I didn't actually eat *much*. Yay.

Bought Johnsons&Johnsons baby shampoo today, because apparently it's good for your hair - neutral pH and stuff. I'm going to spend a little more on shampoo and conditioner from now on. Most people have said that's probably the problem, so we'll see how that goes.


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