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I have spent all morning and afternoon so far CLEANING. ZOMG the house is SO CLEAN. Tragically, however, the house is still a little messy and untidy, so I feel like I have accomplished nothing. Le sigh. I will tidy, and then it will be all good.

And I would just like to add that my husband is LAZY. Ok, so not really. He works very hard. ...Anyway.

GRR. I baked a cake, but now I don't think I have enough icing sugar to make the icing. So frustrating.

It feels like a Saturday.
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LTT was awesome; but am at work, so will post in more depth later. But yes, completely amazing.

Had my first tute this morning. Went well, I think. I have about as much clue as the rest of the class about the assignment. Which isn't much. But it's not a big one, and he's not expecting much, so it should be good. Hopefully. I have no doubt you'll hear all about it. :)

Have Macaroni Cheese for lunch which, for a change, actually tastes nice. I forgot to pack something in the rush, so hopefully this will cover me until 7:30pm or so tonight.

We have a house inspection on Wednesday FREAK OUT THE HOUSE IS A MESS AND NEEDS CLEANING AND STUFF. Am stressed. The husband has a staff meeting tonight he only found out about today, and the lawn needs mowing. Bummer. He's going to have to get up early tomorrow morning and mow it then, I think. There's really no other time because we have homegroup tomorrow night. I'm going to tackle the bathroom and the vacuuming tonight hopefully. Woe. I am tired for we have had lots of stuff on and no!sleep. Funtastic.

I NEED MY PDA. I set it charging on the computer and forgot about it, so Iain's going to head home at lunch and turn it all off. Whoops. I miss it. I want to add things and check things and woe. Sigh.

Have to go to work now. Le sigh. I feel like my icon.


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