mebfeath: (wickham is totally not awesome) here's an update.

Uni is over for the semester. YAYZ. Results out 4th July. Which is in a week. OOH. I want to know what I got for ancient history. Oh, and media studies. Considering I never got a piece of assessment back the whole semester. Awesome.

I am currently organising data input for my boss's cervical cancer prevention scheme in Vanuatu. Boring, but interesting. Don't ask me how that works. And don't ask how I managed to get roped into it, either.

Am recovering from sinus infection slowly. Feeling generally better, but sinuses are still giving me headaches, so they're obviously not.

Work is busy, as usual. No change there.

My husband is well. No change there either!

Umm...other than that, there's not a lot, really. Other than the usual catching up with family and friends. And each other. I feel like I haven't seen my husband in months. Not cool.

So yes. The end.
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Everyone go comment on [ profile] iainc's journal. He posted. OMG.

My brain hurts. I did a 12-hour shift at work yesterday because someone called in sick, and no one else could stay. I kinda didn't mean to though...

Leanne: 'Catherine's sick. She can't come in.'
Me: 'Oh, not good. [She's getting married in 2 weeks!] I can stay if you want.'
Leanne: 'Do you have Uni?'
Me: 'Nope.'
Leanne: 'Stay till 7? It's a long day.'
Me: 'Ahhh...'
Leanne: 'Good. Yay.'
Me: *falls over*

So yes. Twelve hours, with 2 half-hour breaks in the middle-ish. Then a 7-hour today (6 hours and 1 hour paperwork), so I'm stuuuuuffed. And I got like, no assignment done. Woe. Must work on it tomorrow. Am currently searching for maritime boundaries in Southeast Asia to prove that most of the Melaka Straits are owned by Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia and thus the UN definition of piracy is stupid. Long story. Technically it's 12 miles off the coast of the country, with the rest of the ocean classed as international waters, but Indonesia is an archipelago with zillions of islands, so that kinda defeats the purpose.

My hair is getting more and more orange.
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Food for today:
- 1 piece of toast with vegemite
- a couple of litte cupcakes @ church
- a wrap + chips from Oporto
- baked fish + a few chips

I think I may invest in some icecream. Bad, I know, but it's Sunday. *g*

I swear, our suburb is the place to be. Not only do we live here; my parents are moving in, and friends of ours who just got married are moving a couple of blocks away! I'm really excited - J, the husband, has lived here with his sisters for a few years, and has just finished his education degree. Their parents are living in Alice Springs teaching Aboriginal children - they've just come back from running a church in India for years. The kids all grew up in India, but they're all out here now doing Uni - the oldest is in Adelaide, then there's J, his sister who's at Uni with me (same age as me) and the twins who are 18. J got married to K, who's lived in Melbourne for a few years now (I think they went to school together in India) and so they've moved here. K has visited on and off for years - just weekends, holidays and stuff, but we've never really spent time talking or anything, so I don't know her that well, but she's asked me a few things about the area - shopping, etc - so I'll probably show her around. Exciting! Other friends of ours live a few suburbs away, so it should be awesome. YAY.

My husband just picked me up and held me upside down by my legs. Yup, that's what being married is about.
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Am at work having a break from paperwork. I haven't done any in 2394872934618497 years, so I will be here forever, and then some. YAY.

[ profile] iainc has a day off today because he's working Saturday, and thus I am jealous. The fact that I have a day off tomorrow and *don't* have to work Saturday is irrelevant.

Oh, and someone *please* tell me Gibbs and Jen get together on NCIS. The UST is incredible, and THEY SO LIKE EACH OTHER, SO NER.

My father-in-law has our LotR DVD's, and I want them because I want to watch them tomorrow while I'm supposed to be finishing an assignment and starting another one. Woe.

I have a coldsore. WOE. *stomps feet* I HATE COLDSORES.

Am feeling childish. Not that that is new, but I thought I'd point out the obvious.


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