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Dec. 2nd, 2009 05:24 pm
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Switchfoot's new album - Hello Hurricane - lots of awesome. Classic rock, but awesome lyrics. I personally think it's much better than their recent offerings.

Owl City. Odd name, yes. I love the flying messages at the top of their website, though. Very cool. Their sound is quite electric - technically it's synthpop - but it's quite fun. I don't usually like anything too synthpop (Muse is the awesome, but probably my limit), but this guy's lyrics are quite good. And it's not over the top. My favourite song so far is Fireflies, which apparently did extremely well in the US.

So yes. MySpace is your friend! Go! Listen!*

* Gee, I'm demanding today...


Jan. 13th, 2007 10:38 am
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Meh. When I first put iTunes on this computer after we got it, it automatically imported everything to the C: drive. Because our hard drive is separated, C: only has about 20GB so we just put programs and stuff on it, not actual files. D is the recovery drive, and E is the biggest at 85GB. The reasoning behind this is if C gets an virus or crashes out completely, we don't lose all our documents and pictures and music etc. I think it's a great idea, but at the moment, it's driving me nuts.

We wondered why the C drive was giving us rude messages, and it's because half the music I put on the computer is sitting on the C drive. So I'm currently deleting stuff out of iTunes, making sure it's on E drive, and re-importing it. Which is a pain because none of it is in the correct format. And it takes forever. *sighs*

And to top it all off, all the music is on the E drive already, so there was about 4GB of double-ups.

But I am currently in possession of the new U2 Singles Album, and the latest Evermore album, which I am happy about.
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Well, the moving has begun. I have decided that I want the house. It's so beautiful; wooden floors, 10ft ceilings, lovely windows and rooms...but as well as that, it's just been really *loved*. It's in beautiful condition, considering that it's about the same age as our house (pre-war). It's been freshly painting, it's clean and tidy, the kitchen is lovely and new-ish. Love!

Am sick of this assignment. I've kinda finished it (as in I've met the 600-900 word limit) but I could probably do a little more. Meh.

Today was ok. I'd had enough by the end. I'm tired; it's been a long and stressful week. But I will go to bed early, and get up at about 8am. Whee! Sleep-in!

I think I'm going to download the Dandy Warhols - We Used to be Friends. It's been playing in my head for three days straight.

ETA - Add to that Forever Young by Youth Group. Love.
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I love this song.

Beautiful - Bethany Dillon )

Awesome song. That, and 'For My Love' by Bethany Dillon aswell. They speak to the heart of every woman.

For My Love - Bethany Dillon )

ETA - If anyone wants it, I've uploaded For My Love. Please just comment if you're going to download it so I know when to take it down.


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