May. 18th, 2009 01:03 pm
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Yes, that's right. Grumpy.

I am on a diet. A ridiculous diet. This diet involves no wheat, no sugar and no yeast. And considering dairy products are already a touchy subject, very few of those.

What does this leave me to eat, I hear you ask. Well, very little.

- Vegies (limited potatoes)
- Salad (no dressing)
- Meat (including chicken and fish)
- Nuts (no pistachios or hazelnuts)
- .....

Yes, that's about it. It's quite ridiculous.


I am actually beginning to possibly feel sorry for my classes over the next two months. I'm probably going to have slightly less grace than I normally do...

Off to assembly I go.
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Well, at least until March 3, when I have an appointment to check everything's ok and have the splints taken out.

Yes, splints.

Basically... Cut for TMI... )

Other than that, getting better. I have finally achieved the awesomeness of being able to breathe through both nostrils (for all of two minutes) and the amazing disgustingness of sinus wash. EWW.

Nose is very blocked (I'm pretty sure the big plastic splints aren't helping), and is still running like a tap. Which means I can't yell very well (which I found out today with my Year 9s. Excellent.) and have trouble talking for long periods of time (a sentence is pushing it).

Can't smile. Top lip still not functioning properly, which is rather irritating, because I like laughing and smiling, and tend to do it quite a bit.

Ended up ditching work today early. I really over-did it thinking I could survive. Managed to teach one class then packed up off to the doctor who gave me some nice stuff to make my stomach feel better (it's traumatised, I think).

Have been told to have tomorrow off as well. So I'll be having tomorrow off. Everyone at school was just so lovely, really. They all took one look at me and asked me what the hell I was doing there. Several of them even offered to drive me to the doctor and home if I needed. So lovely.

So yes. Lots of joy and laughter over here...
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Yes, this is where I am right now. I am supervising a group of about 25 students who are meant to be in study hall. Except that most of them have had all of about 3 classes, and have nothing to actually study. So I don't blame them for being a little restless. Especially two boys up the front whom I have just threatened to move if they don't stop talking. Gah.

It's great, because I get lots of time to post on LJ prepare for lessons, etc, that I wouldn't normally have. I study hall.

And I have just realised I haven't eaten lunch. Mmm. An hour and fifteen to go. YESSS.

I'm so tired. Yesterday was really draining, and coupled with the fact that I haven't really had enough sleep over the last couple of nights, I'm falling asleep where I sit and struggling for motivation. This is not good.

*kicks two boys in front row*


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:46 am
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I have to leave school early to go to a Pre-Admission Clinic for my operation.


I really could have used the time today to finish planning and meeting with people and planning and sorting out timetables and planning. Gah.

I promise I will do a decent post on school soon. It's been fantastic so far though - I'm totally stoked to be here. Everyone's been awesome and friendly and wonderful.

So yes. Must leave in 30 minutes, and I still have to sit down with a colleague and plan Year 9 English for this term. Spectacular.

In other related news, I'm finding it easier to update Twitter than to write a whole journal post for the moment. Does anyone know how to get LJ to post on my journal what I post on Twitter? (I know it has something to do with RSS and feeds and stuff, but the help files were wholly unhelpful.)


Jan. 10th, 2009 10:27 am
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The bosses (all four of them) are here having meetings, fixing computers, etc. It's very annoying, because it means I need to be careful about what I have on my screen. They tend to frown on people being online. And they keep popping out the door behind me, which means I have about 0.44395834958 of a second to hit alt-tab. (Ahh, alt-tab, you are my hero.)

Very. Annoying.

Anyway. Not alot happening at the moment. Iain has taken a week off next week, so, obviously, I'm working every day. I've worked a grand total of about 10 days in the last 2 months, and they choose this week to really need me. *grumbles* Oh well, I suppose the money will be handy, considering we have to buy a second car soon, and I need a few more teacher-y clothes. Hmmm.

I start school in less than a week. Freaking. Out.


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