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The LTT today was great - really interesting stuff. Not so much your normal topics, but each amusingly enough following a theme.

The great thing about NCMI's ideas and stuff is that they don't plan anything at the LTT's (Leadership Training Time) other than where it'll be, when it will be on and at what time each day. The guy in charge of that particular LTT prays about who he feels should speak at each session, and relys on God to tell him. And amazingly enough, a theme comes through most times. So far this time the theme has been focussing more on God rather than on us or personal things. Looking towards the future and building his church. It's that reliance on God which brings the reality and the life to the whole time; otherwise it's just another boring conference you could do at home.

Singapore is awesome. I love it. It feels kinda like Indonesia, just cleaner and more expensive. And the people are mostly chinese, not javanese or sumatran or whatever. The only thing I think would bother me about living in a place like this is that the only quiet place you can go is your own house. And even then it sometimes isn't quiet - they're doing renovations upstairs here. There are no quiet coffee shops or places like that. I guess it's kinda hard to essentially waste space when you have about 3.5 million people living on an island smaller than Brisbane.

Anyway, my computer is telling me it's 0:32, which means it's 22:32 here.
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Well, we made it.

The weather is quite nice, actually. If you don't do anything over the top, it's not really hot. But ask me again after we've walked the 800m to the bus stop tonight.

The people we're staying with are lovely; they're old family friends from when Iain used to live here.

Dammit, paid account expired. Oh well. I don't really need it.

Must fly; dinner's ready! Will update more later.


Feb. 9th, 2007 08:50 pm
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I am currently looking at flights from Singapore to Darwin (Northern Territory - top of Australia) for $36. Two adults makes $72. Plus $325 worth of taxes (Changi Airport = EXPENSIVE), that makes an international flight from Singapore to Darwin total $397.

*falls over*

It's with this new airline called Tiger Airways. They only fly to certain places in Asia and Australia, and are apparently half owned by Singapore Airlines, so they must be half decent. But dude. THIRTY BUCKS. The *domestic* flights from Brisbane to Darwin are the expensive part!

We're just going to pray about it and probably book tomorrow. DUDE. BLESSING. GOD IS AWESOME.


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