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I'm doing a spreadsheet for my boss's cervical cancer program in Vanuatu, and I know you can make cells at the top or on the side of a spreadsheet stay there permanently while the others move across. I need to do this, but I don't know how.

Ok, so that sentence made no sense at all.

Basically, what I need to do is to keep the first few columns or rows (haven't decided yet) on the screen at all times, but I need to scroll down through the columns/rows after. Does that make sense?

Long week. *headdesks*

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I am at Uni, and due to stuff I don't really understand on a technical level (something to do with proxys and https and other stuff) MSN doesn't work. And I have to fiddle around with the settings on AIM to get that to work, and it's all a big hassle.

Thus, meebo = love. And it works in Safari (Mac's version of IE). Bonus. I am happy.

In other news, I managed to get one part of my history assignment done which wasn't due for a few weeks yet, so that's nice. It'll get it out of the way, so I can now foucs on getting this report done (*waves goodbye to Saturday afternoon at Church Camp*) which is due Friday week. *sighs*

And I have an English exam next week too. *sighs loudly* It shouldn't require a lot of study, which is handy, considering I don't have a lot of spare time thanks to this report. And I'm already sitting on 14/15 for that subject. It should be an interesting week...


Aug. 10th, 2006 08:45 pm
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I have been hearing (and reading) about how wunderbar Macs are lately, and I had a thought. Well, some credit must go to [ profile] seldear who started me off on this train of thought...but anyway.

What do you hate about Macs? What little tiny thing drives you nuts? What major flaw makes you grumpy?

I want to know! I am trying to convince my husband to buy me considering buying a macBook, and want to know what annoying things they hold. I know they're not perfect. Anyone may comment. Please.


Jul. 31st, 2006 09:07 pm
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It won't let me sign in and won't tell me why. Meanie.
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I moan about Uni alot, don't I.

Well, pointless!assignment is over 2/3 done. Just have to explain what I think CDA is, and finish up the main analysis, and I'm done. WHOO. Oh, and I should probably do the whole photocopy and highlight sections thing, but I'll do that at home later this week. Means I can start the media studies assignment early, which is really great. Yay for no media studies lecture today!

Does anyone know of a site that you can chat through AIM or MSN without actually having the program installed? For example, on the uni computers? I know there's a messaging program out there you can use through a browser, but all I know is that it exists. Help?

I've decided I need to get an Mac laptop. Am sick of hitting Uni and waiting in line for a computer; it's so frustrating, and it's wasting time. Depending on how my tax goes (and what the husband says), we'll see*. I'm going to pray. Lots. The one I would ideally get is $2499 with all the extras, but I could settle for the $1993 one. Hmm. The real different is processor speed (1.83GHz vs 2GHz), upgrading the HDD from 60 to 80GB and upgrading the memory from 512 to 1GB - oh, and the more expensive one has a DVD burner. Anyone? How essential are the upgrades? I could probably survive without the HDD upgrade, but I don't know how big the Mac programs are and how much space they take up. Help?

Ok. Must work on assignment. No more wasting time.

*It's decisions like these where I half-wish for a second I wasn't married; that I didn't have to consult anyone else or think of the good of 'us' and not just 'me'. I would probably rock into the Apple store, ask a few questions, and buy it, but I can't just do that. I know it's selfish, and I'm definitely going with the being married thing over being able to just go out and buy a new computer. *g*


May. 8th, 2006 08:37 pm
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Firefox ate all my bookmarks! I need my bookmarks! There was assignment stuff in there!

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My husband, instead of making the wise decision and buying an iPod, decided he wanted an M-Robe last year.

I have downloaded from iTunes a couple of songs for him and he wants to play them on his M-Robe, but it's saying it can't convert 'protected content'.

He needs them in MP3, .WAV or WMA formats to play - it won't recognise iTunes format.



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